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What is Stagetime University?

Stagetime University is a group that helps speakers to improve their skills as well as to learn what’s needed to get paid as a speaker. You can purchase just the speaking skills portion which includes video courses, live calls and individual coaching sessions. For an extra fee, you can also include the business mastery portion with courses, live calls and business coaching at a high level.

Why did I join?

Although I’ve learned to be more comfortable speaking in public from being a member of Toastmasters, I needed a next step. I wanted access to several of the courses, including: Creating a Keynote with Darren LaCroix and Patricia Fripp, and Storytelling with Craig Valentine and LaCroix. Access to these two courses considerably improved my ability to organize my content, key in on my message and increase how effectively I would deliver the talk.

The Second Stage - Business Mastery

To be honest, I didn’t access the business portion initially. I was busy just improving my speaking skills. What changed? I looked at my speaking goals - why am I doing this? For me, I want to share my knowledge, my experience and my unusual stories to help others. What is the framework to do this? Create websites, create blogs as well as to look at places to speak outside of Toastmasters.

Conclusion - Is it worth the money?

In my situation, I have the ability to purchase this program and to renew it yearly without much sacrifice. I use the programs and information at least weekly and sometimes more often depending on what aspects of my life and my business that I am focusing on.


If someone is serious about improving their speaking skills, start with Presentation Mastery and study all of the materials and do the exercises. Practice your new skills in Toastmasters, Storytelling Guilds and take on other speaking opportunities. As Darren LaCroix says, “Never turn down Stagetime!”.


The cost is definitely worth it for me. Yearly, I double check that I am still using all that they offer. More recently, I am engaging more in the live calls and soon will pursue the live coaching practice.

What about you? Look at your goals then decide.

Where are you in your speaking journey? If new to speaking, start with Toastmasters, Storytelling guilds and other small venues to learn your strengths and weaknesses. As you progress, or if you no longer are progressing, you should start looking at programs like these.

Always check that these courses align with your goals. Its easy to sign up for courses and not use them or find that you are using them as a distraction rather than a tool to progress.

Check in with yourself - map out a journey and determine if Stagetime University is a part of that journey.


Storytelling - look for local guilds or check out